HOMVILLA Alarm Clock (White) (ID: 06-5002)

【Voice control screen】The screen lights up when it detects the sound (only when the clock is in battery mode). You can also wake it up remotely and easily by clapping, speaking, etc. (Note: you must press the “Light Snooze” button for 5 seconds to activate the function for the first time use);

【Double alarms with snooze function】You can set 2 separate alarms and snooze time. These 2 separate alarms can be turn on / off separately;

【Snooze mode】If you don’t want to get up immediately, you can simply activate the snooze function. After 5 minutes the clock will ring again. This operation can be repeated unless you press other button to terminate it;

【USB charging & long standby】You can charge the clock via the micro USB cable provided (Attention: To charge the clock, please connect the micro USB cable with 5V / 1A or 5V / 2A adapter ONLY). The battery can last 7-10 days for moderate use. You don’t have to charge it oftenly;

【Lifetime guarantee】If you have any problems with this alarm clock, please feel free to contact us. Schedule your time now with this digital alarm clock.




How to use:
1. Please remove the protective film for the first use.
2. To activate / deactivate the alarm: Press the “Alarm 1” button to to activate / deactivate the alarm #1. Press the “Alarm 2” button to activate / deactivate the alarm #2. (Note: The alarm can be activated / deactivated separately.)
3. Keep the clock away from heat sources. The clock cannot be used in high temperature or high humidity environments.
4. Do not disassemble the battery to avoid damage or injury.
5. If the clock indicates a messy code or an incorrect display, use a pin to press the “RESET” button. The clock will restore to default settings.
6. Turn off the power switch if you don’t use the clock for a long time.

Product information:
Model: CKC-902
Manufacturer Part Number: SW-065002

Package included:
1 × HOMVILLA alarm clock
1 × USB cable
1 × User manual


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